Self Chakra Re-alignment

Items needed:

1 clear quartz point (any size)

1 selenite rod (any size)

1 pendulum (crystal point of any type recommended but may use any whatever type of pendulum you have. If you do not have a pendulum you can use a necklace with a pendant on it, that you wear frequently, as your pendulum.)

Step One: Sit comfortably, feet flat on the floor. Take several (at least 3) deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, holding the breath for a count of 7 at the top of the inhale and the bottom of the exhale. (I like to use the Little Death Breathing exercise, Luminous Energy Field Awareness Exercise and Opening Sacred Space Exercise from the Nine Rites of The Munay-Ki)

Step Two: Beginning at the Earth Star Chakra point between your feet, use the pendulum to determine if the Chakra is open and spinning in the correct direction or if it is in need of re-alignment. (My pendulum spins in a counterclockwise fashion for Chakras that are open and flowing in the correct direction for me. You determine what the sign for “Open and flowing in the correct direction” is for you and your pendulum.) Make a note of any that seem to be closed, not spinning, or in need of attention due to blocks or leaks in the energetic field.

Step Three: Using the selenite rod and again beginning at the Earth Star Chakra, begin combing the energy field, paying extra attention to clearing and cleansing any of your Chakras that may be out of alignment, leaking or stuck. Move all the way up the body to the Soul Star Chakra with the intention of clearing and cleansing anything that may be blocking, closing any leaks or just in general, mis-aligning each chakra point.

Step Four: Use the quartz crystal point and beginning again at the Earth Star Chakra, move the point in a clockwise circle for several moments or until you can sense the chakra is again spinning in the correct direction for you before moving on to the next chakra point. Continue all the way to the Soul Star Chakra. Remember to breathe while re-aligning each point. (Deep breath in, hold for a count of 7 and then release the breath slowly, again hold for a count of 7.)

Step Five: Again scan the chakra points for any further blocks, leaks or mis-alignments. If any point is still not flowing correctly, use the crystal as in Step Four. Do this until you sense that each Chakra is spinning correctly and aligned as is best for you.

Step Six: Finish with several deep breaths and by thanking your tools for their assistance. Drink at least 8oz of water. (I like to close with the Second Attention Exercise, Second Awareness Exercise and the Closing Sacred Space exercises from the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki and I will have a cup of herbal tea or a glass of gem water if I have it available.)

Please be aware that you may have some reactions to this re-alignment of your energy field. This is normal! You are releasing any toxins that your energy field may have built up. It is rare but in some cases, releasing has come in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, migraine headaches or other flu-like symptoms. For the next 24 hours, be extremely gentle with yourself. Move slowly, hydrate more often than usual to help your physical body flush out anything, rest whenever possible. If you have included any other cleansing methods such as smudging, do not shower or bathe for 24 hours. If after 24 to 48 hours you are still not feeling well, please see your physician.

Created by Reverend Dani Crinklaw Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved


Dear Friends, Followers, and Fans of Crystal Angel Guidance:

I hope your holiday season has been merry and bright despite 2020 trying to kick our behinds lol! Crystal Angel Guidance has been busy behind the scenes working to make our services and courses offered more streamline. The following is a list of changes made to our courses and services that we hope will answer any questions about what is offered here at Crystal Angel Guidance.

1.) Course changes:

            ~Tarot 101 is being combined with Tea and Tarot Thursday and beginning January 7th, 2021 is free to join on Zoom. Tea and Tarot Thursdays is a weekly on-going meet up via Zoom. Once we can meet in person again there will be a fee of $5 per week to help cover the costs associated with the Ascended Gifts, LLC- Wellness Center and keeping us in teas (coffee) and snacks. (Prior members please contact me regarding the fee.)

            ~Intermediate Tarot is a 12 week course that costs $300- Participants must have taken any version of CAG’s Tarot Basics prior to sign up for this course. This course is not available on Zoom or Discord at this time but all study materials will be posted on our Discord server. Participants should have their own deck, preferably a basic Rider-Waite in order to remain consistent with course materials. Discord server address is listed below.

            ~Crystal Basics is now a 3 hour 1 on 1 workshop. Participants receive 3 crystals and hand outs. Cost is $50. This workshop is being offered in person as well as via Zoom, however please note that if the Zoom option is chosen you will need to schedule a date/time to pick up your manual and crystals before the workshop. Curbside service is offered to help with this.

            ~Crystal Energy Practitioner course is currently limited to in-person only with all social distancing requirements in place and covers all materials in the Crystal Basics workshop, includes an additional 10 crystals, all supplies needed for in class participation and manual. Participants will be certified Crystal Energy Practitioner upon successful completion of all course materials. Course length 13 weeks, cost $300. Study materials will be posted in the Discord server and the link will be provided upon registration for the class.

            ~Angelic Energy Practitioner course is available via in-person or Zoom. Participants will receive a copy of “The Angel Journal by Dani Crinklaw” either in-person if taking the course in-person or will need to provide a mailing address so that a copy can be sent from amazon if participating via Zoom. Course length is 12 weeks and cost is $250. Study materials other than “The Angel Journal” will be posted to the Discord server. Link will be provided at time of registration.

            ~The Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki course name has changed to Spiritual Support Guide Certification and now includes materials from the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki course, Intermediate Tarot course, Crystal Energy Practitioner course, Angelic Energy Healer course, Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine Balance workshop, and much more. A full syllabus will be provided at time of sign up. Due to the intensive nature of this course it will only be offered in January and June and is 6 months in length. Cost is $1980 for the full course. Participants will receive certification as a Spiritual Support Guide in addition to all course materials and supplies.

            ~Wicca Basics is being integrated into a 6 month long Wicca Practitioner Course. This course will include all Wicca Basics materials and will now cover all Intermediate Wicca materials as well. This is a weekly course running from January to June. Participants receive Certificates of Completion for Wicca Basics and Intermediate Wicca upon successful completion of all course materials. Students will also be automatically enrolled in any workshops relating to Wicca subjects offered at Ascended Gifts, LLC as scheduling allows. Course cost is $600 and is only available as “In-Person” at this time.

2.) Course Times:

            Mondays                    6pm-9pm- Spiritual Support Guide Certification

            Tuesdays                    2pm-4pm- Angelic Energy Practitioner (via Zoom)

7pm-9pm- Make up sessions for any course or any other                                      workshops being offered at Ascended Gifts, LLC Wellness Center.

(Schedule make up session with Rev. Dani Crinklaw.                                      See Ascended Gifts, LLC website or Facebook page for                                           upcoming workshops.)

            Wednesdays               6pm-8pm- Intermediate Tarot

            Thursdays                  7pm-9pm- Tea and Tarot Thursdays

            Fridays                       7pm-9pm- Crystal Energy Practitioner

            Saturdays                   7pm-9pm- Wicca Practitioner

******All course times and dates are subject to change due to scheduling needs of both students and Rev. Dani Crinklaw as well as weather and acts of nature beyond human control. Where possible 24 hour notice will be provided regarding scheduling changes. No refunds are offered due to the spiritual nature of these courses. *******

3.) Services:

            Spiritual Support Rebalancing- Shamanic healing to assist clients on their healing journey, utilizing crystals, angels, sound, guided meditation and healing touch. For best results, 3 sessions a minimum of 2 weeks apart are recommended. Each session is 30 minutes, with the first session being at least 45 minutes due to intake paperwork. Cost is $85 per session.

            House Cleansing/Blessing- Home is energetically cleansed and blessed to remove stagnant or stale energies. $40 per hour. Limited to within a 25 mile radius from Ascended Gifts, LLC Wellness Center. Intake form must be on file before service is provided.    

            Tarot/Oracle/Pendulum Combo Readings- During “$30 Thursdays” readings are only $30 for 15 minutes or $60 for 30 minutes. First come, first served, walk ins are welcome and available from 12noon to 6pm. Combo Readings are also available by appointment throughout the week. Cost for readings by appointment is $45 for 15 minutes or $90 for 30 minutes.

            Personal Energy Clearing- Prayers of cleansing, healing and protection are offered while client is smudged with sage smoke.  Available 10am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. Cost is 10 minutes/$15.

******Due to the spiritual nature of the services offered no refunds are available at this time. ********

Spiritual Support Rebalancing

What is Spiritual Support Rebalancing and how can it help YOU?

SSR is energy healing that combines several modalities such as Sound Healing, Angel Healing, Crystal Healing, Tarot and Oracle Card Reading and laying on of hands to help bring our energy body back into Divine alignment. The energy that surrounds us also permeates us and often times day to day living can feel like it knocks out of whack. By using the above pictured tools as well as by tapping into Divine Energy, a Spiritual Support Rebalancing can assist you in bringing your energy back in to your best vibration.

Spiritual Support Rebalancing consists of 3 one hour sessions during which Rev. Dani taps into your energy and spiritual guidance team to discover how best to help you and facilitates your own healing. Rev. Dani is only a facilitator and guide to your own healing and will happily refer you to the proper professionals should you need further care than what she can ethically and legally provide for you.

Response to a Post on Facebook

In a recent post on Facebook I was asked what my guides were telling me. Below is that response. It is my hope that you will find it comforting, reassuring or just a relief if only for a moment from all the frightening changes going on in the world right now. Trust that we are in this time and this season right now for a very profound reason. This is not the full message from my guides as some of what they tell me is for me alone and has to do with my family or my personal healing journey. However, the main gist is below.

May LOVE guide us all


“It’s mostly reassurances that all will be well no matter what. That things are still moving forward even though I can’t see the path again. To have faith that what is going on now in the entire world is supposed to happen so that we (humanity) will finally wake up to how we are supposed to be behaving toward each other and Mother Earth. Without HER we are extinct. Without EACH OTHER we become extinct. It’s important that we are walking in LOVE. Not the “be nice if it gets me something” but the actual “YOU are as important as me” type. It’s hard for us humans sometimes. We have been so caught up in the “me first” rat race and often we dont even recognize that we have been until a global event makes us aware. Sometimes the changes we have made after a tragedy of monstrous proportions has changed our lives irrevocably. Sometimes we change only for a few moments then it’s back to business as usual. What is going on right now will change us forever. We will either become better or we will be gone. There will no longer be a middle ground. I am not saying (and neither are my guides) that this is a judgement against anyone. Please do not take it that way. We are in the midst of an awakening. Not just a spiritual awakening but an actual mind awakening. We have too often followed blindly because we trusted our leadership to do the right thing for all humans. A lot of people are now seeing that our leadership is doing what they can for themselves first and we are left to fend for ourselves as best we can. Nobody I know appreciates being in that position and so very many are banding together to help each other so that no one does without the necessities. If we are willing to receive and give in equal measure we will come through this with a greater understanding of what it means to be human. Nothing else will matter. If you are alive you matter. Community will be without borders. Humans will remember who they are and why they are here.

Excuse Our Dust

I am excited to announce that I have opened a new office located at 6726 W Morgan Ave. in Milwaukee under the Ascended Gifts, LLC sign! And while for the most part I am well settled in there is still a lot of things to be done. Please keep an eye on this page for future updates as things get done.

UPDATE 3/19/2020: Coronavirus has me on self quarantine due to having a high risk person in my home. All classes, workshops and other in-person events are cancelled until further notice. I am available for phone or video readings and working hard to get all the workshops and classes online but please note that I am not the most tech-savvy person so it takes me all day (sometimes two or three days) to figure out how to do all the things. I will definitely post here once I have at least one workshop sorted and posted so please check back frequently.
May LOVE guide us all, Dani

Crystal Angel Guidance Updates!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks my loves but I think I finally have 5 minutes to breathe and tell you all about what’s been happening at Crystal Angel Guidance! First, I am still in the process of moving into the new office at 6726 W. Morgan Avenue here in Milwaukee! It’s very exciting but, also somewhat of a slow process at the moment as I also have a muggle job that had some staff changes happen unexpectedly so a LOT of time was spent at the job. But, things seem to have settled a bit so the intention for the upcoming week is to get those last 2 walls painted, clean the carpet, and get all the things moved in. If anyone has any of the following items they might be willing to part with for super cheap please let me know in the comments!

Office needs: (I am not opposed to damaged but repairable pieces as I have some things that are already going to be painted and get new hardware as soon as possible.) My amazon wishlist has ideas for what I am looking for. Feel free to browse it for ideas.

2 soft rugs 3’x5′ size- the more colorful the better. Also no rubber backing as I need to be able to throw them in the washer and dryer once in a while.

1 office mat for under the desk. The loaded mass vinyl type is on my wish list but I would settle for the hard plastic to get me started.

1 or possibly 2 small accent chairs for comfy seating (I would love to find some with tallish legs for fitting cool baskets under for extra storage) I am also open to old style rocking chairs.

1 sofa/console table without drawers (intended use is as an altar beside the reading table so I am looking for card table height and length. Width isn’t too important as long as it isn’t wider than the table lol.) Or an old buffet/sideboard that could make a nice altar.

Small bistro style (2 person size) table of any style. It’s going to get painted and a wood top put on it so basically I am only after the base.

Small roll top desk.

Comfy (not leather or fake leather type) office chair.

If anyone has those items and would be willing to drop them off at the office that would be amazing (still no van yet but I am working on it.)

The next update to tell you all about is my Patreon page. You can find it here:

I have updated all the tiers available and am including an Apprenticeship Tier. There is a ton of information now on what each tier receives so please feel free to check it out.

The YouTube channel also got updated and now has playlists for the various Patreon Tiers and benefits. I will begin uploading videos once the office is put together as that is where I will be filming from, YAY! One of the reasons I am looking for comfy seating is so that when I film I have a nice space to do it from since one of my biggest “weird and creepy things” in the whole world is videos filmed in people’s bedrooms when whatever they are filming about has nothing to do with the bedroom. Sorry to everyone I love who films in their bedroom. I will still watch your videos I just will be wondering why the whole world is invited to see your 2nd most intimate space every day if you aren’t doing makeover videos of some sort.

Anyway, back to the updates! When you sign up as a Patron, you will receive a link via email to the benefits you signed up for. So if you signed up for the $25 per month tier, you would get links to all the playlists for that tier. If you happen to be one of the Apprentice level Patrons, you get links to literally everything.

Which brings me to the next update: The Apprenticeship Level

I currently have 5 spaces open for some very special folks. This is only for those who want to work with me on a more in-depth level. It requires a deeper financial commitment due to the fact that you will basically be getting every single thing I offer as well as a weekly 1 hour chat with me. If you are in my area it can be an in-person hang time or if you are in another part of the world it can be done by phone, Messenger, or as a Zoom meeting. I have not figured out SnapChat and I don’t have Facetime so those options are not available just yet. So what all included in that “everything” you ask?

Here’s the list!

Monthly Zodiac Oracle Reading Video 

Weekly Zodiac Oracle Readings Videos

Tea and Tarot Thursdays LIVE Videos

Angel Blessing Ritual Handouts and Video

Monthly Workshop Handouts and Video

Revised and Expanded Angel Journal Sneak Peeks as they happen- Videos and Handouts

1-30 minute coaching session per week LIVE video or Phone Call

2 Combination Tarot/Oracle/Pendulum Readings by email 

21 Day EFT/Ho’Oponpono Challenge LIVE Daily Videos

Signed copy of The Angel Journal by Mail

Burning Bowl Ceremony Handouts and Videos

Crystal of the Month Handouts and Videos

Monthly Herb and Stone Blessing Bag created just for you

Personal Rituals as they happen- Videos and Handouts

Class of the Month Videos and Handouts

Other goodies as they happen! 

Alrighty my loves! Thanks for hanging out for this extremely long post! I truly appreciate you very much and I am sending you BIG LOVE and Angel Blessings! Peace

Simple Smudging Ritual For The Home

This is my personal step by step routine for cleansing my OWN home. When I do a cleansing on someone else’s home I follow a slightly different routine. This usually take me two full days to do. I do my physical cleaning on Day 1 and the smudging starting in the morning on Day 2. In the picture above there is a small bottle of Good Luck oil. I like to anoint the windows and doors with it when I do my own smudging but this is NOT a required step.

First some important tips!

1.) Do not do the smudging at night. You are going to be stirring up the lower energies that might be hanging around and that’s no fun to deal with in the dark.

2.) This is MY ritual that I do in my own home. Please feel free to add any prayers or invocations to your personal spiritual team that resonate for you. This is your home and it has to feel right for you. 3.) Turn off your smoke detectors! Even though you will be opening windows for the smoke to escape, things are still going to get pretty smokey for a few minutes. Also, if you have breathing difficulties of any kind I recommend using a White Sage Spray instead of the dried sage herb to minimize having issues in this regard.

Supplies: Sage bundle (or White Sage Spray). (If using White Sage Spray the following will not be necessary.) Fire proof bowl or shell to catch the ash from the sage , a lighter or matches to light the sage with. You will need to carry this with you as often sage bundles can be too tightly packed and won’t stay lit. You will also need a hand fan to waft the smoke or spray with. I have an owl feather fan made by a shaman friend that I use but the dollar store hand fans work just as well. You can even make one out of paper if you prefer. A noisemaker of some sort. I use my Tibetan finger bells. But even a pan and a wooden spoon will work for making noise. (Side note: This is a fun thing for the kids in your home to help with. What kid doesn’t like being able to bang on a pot and make all sorts of noise?

A copy of the attached prayers to recite in each room. A question I get asked frequently, “what if my sage won’t stay lit?” The answer to that is that the sage was rolled very tightly and air can’t get into the spaces between the leaves as well so I recommend actually taking the sage bundle apart. Cut the string off, peel the leaves off the stems and place them in a fireproof container with a handle so you can carry it safely. Discard the string and stems if you so desire. I usually keep the stems for other things like making Florida water, tar water, or other things that call for sage but will be strained off later. Now back to the instructions:

Note: Ideally this ritual works the best if you have 2 people to do this ritual. One to do the actual smudging and one to follow the first person around with a bowl or shell or fireproof container of some sort to catch the ashes. If a second person is not available it’s not the end of the world. You just need to make sure you are careful with how you fan the smoke. If you are smudging over furniture or fabrics, hold the sage over the bowl and let the smoke waft over the furniture on it’s own. The person carrying the bowl can also carry the pages with the prayers on them and hold them for you as you recite. If you are doing this alone you can do the smudging in the room first and then recite the prayers. A second note: This is a very physically involved ritual. You will be going up high and also down on the floor on hands and knees. If you are not physically able to get up and down easily having a hand fan will come in handy for wafting the smoke over, around and behind objects. Or that second person would be helpful here as well. Have them do the “up high/way down low” parts.

Step 1: Clean up the house. Put everything where it belongs. Dust. Vacuum. Sweep and mop the floors. Clean the bathroom. Make sure to do the laundry. The reasoning behind this is two-fold. A.) Ashes are going to drop off the sage bundle. Having everything in it’s place makes it easier to clean them up when you are done. B.) You are removing negative or lower vibration energies and inviting in positive or higher vibration energies. I recommend cleaning as if someone you have always wanted to meet showed up at your door for lunch. You wouldn’t let Ekhart Tolle or Esther Hicks walk on sticky floors or use a dirty hand towel to dry their hands right? I am not advocating a full on super cleaning here. Just neat and tidy.Step 2: Walk through each room with your drum, pot and spoon, bells, whatever you have chosen as your noisemaker. Make lots of noise in each room to break up any stuck places of less than great energy. I usually say something like this fun little rhyme “No dust, no dirt, no clutter here. Make my home shine and love appear.” You could replace “love” with “wealth” or “truth” or “joy” or “peace” or all of the above. You can even make up your own little ditty that calls all the “gunky” energies out and breaks them up. You will want to recite this little poem at least 3 times in each room. I usually do 7 times per room. At this time open a window in each room that has them as you want to have an exit for negative energies to escape and positive energies to enter. If you have chosen to use an oil of any sort (such as the Good luck oil mentioned above) you will anoint the doors and windows with a symbol of your choice. I like to use the simple cross for this ritual. When I do the twice yearly heavy smudge and clearing I use Archangel Sigils.

Step 3: After you have stirred things up in each room you will light your sage and beginning CLOCKWISE at the main entrance of your home, start at the top of the door as high as you can reach and waft the smoke as high as you can. At this time I usually begin calling in the archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel (see the prayers below) to gather up and remove all negative and lower energies that do not belong or serve my family or my highest and best good. There are MANY prayers for calling in the angels or you can customize your own invocations to what you feel is best. You can also call in your own spiritual guides, guardians, deities at this time. You move around each room in clockwise fashion beginning and ending at each rooms’ door. Waft the smoke as high as you can and as low as you can, over and around furniture, into closets and storage spaces, cabinets and under sinks, behind and under appliances. You want to leave no space unsmudged where lower energies can hide.

Step 4: After you have completely smudged each room, stand as close to the center of the room as possible and loudly thank the spiritual team you have called in, for clearing away the lower energies and for blessing your home with an abundance of whatever you called in to your home in the little poem above. Clap your hands loudly and declare as loudly as possible “All portals, gateways and entries that are not for my best and highest good are now closed! All negative and lower energies not of the pure white light of Source are now removed to their proper places.”

Step 5: If you have other family members in the home and they are willing to participate, gather in the main room of the home and starting with the youngest smudge each member of the household. If pets will stand for it you can smudge them too. Start at the top of the head about 6 inches away from them and move the smoke over them in a clockwise manner going front to back. Be sure to do palms of the hands and the bottoms of the feet. I like to stand spread eagle for this. It just helps the smoke get in all the nooks and crannies basically. If it is just you, start above your own head and work your way down to the bottoms of your feet. Go behind your back as best as you can but don’t be too concerned if you cant get the smoke behind you as well. Below is a smudging prayer that works well for me. Say out loud after all occupants are smudged, “I now declare and decree this home and all its residents are cleared and cleansed. And so it is. Amen”
You can use these prayers as they are or pray whatever feels right to you. These are just the ones I like to use as I go through each room. Prayer to St. Michael (Catholic version)

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan, and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Archangel Gabriel Prayer

Beloved Archangel Gabriel, surround this home now with your Holy Presence of Light! Let this home be infused with your angelic power of transmutation that consumes all discord in the physical, mental and emotional world. Liberate this home, beloved Gabriel, from all lesser vibrations that do not fill it with the joy and peace that passes all understanding. May the powerful spiral of the cosmic white fire cleanse without ceasing all the energies and vibrations of this home.

Archangel Uriel Prayer

Archangel Uriel, please guard this home and all it’s occupants. Hail Archangel Uriel, Angel of Wisdom. You are ever present with the Father and are blessed in the eyes of the Lord. Bring comfort to this home and remove all trouble so that I might become closer to God. Holy Uriel, the Light of God, guide me on the path of righteousness. Protect me from evil. And so it is.

Archangel Raphael Prayer

Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace. You are a guide of those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners. I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the “medicine of God” I humbly pray you to heal this home of any ills or misfortunes. Please bless this home and it’s occupants with your healing balm. Amen.

The Process Continues

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. The Angel Journal has been and continues to be a learning experience for me. I now feel that I rushed to get it published and there has been so much I needed to have learned about the process (and so much that I am still learning) that should have been done before it went to print. Now it’s out there and while I am super proud of myself for actually getting it done there is so MUCH I wish I would have done differently.

But instead of moaning and groaning about it I have decided to make the next one better, strong, faster… oh sorry that’s the 6 Million Dollar Man (my bad!) Seriously though, I have a plan to make the next book even more amazing and wonderful and interactive and FUN! It’s all starting with this website. And the number 12. And sparklies. And maybe some coffee and chocolate… but that’s all I am saying for now.

If you have the current (2019) version of The Angel Journal please shoot me an email with a copy of your receipt or the link where you purchased it along with your mailing address as I have something special I would like to send all of you. My email is This won’t be valid for any future books published so you will want to get in on this as soon as possible. I am not saying on here what it is but I will give you a hint.. it has to do with what the next book is going to be about. How’s that for vague?