Self Chakra Re-alignment

Items needed:

1 clear quartz point (any size)

1 selenite rod (any size)

1 pendulum (crystal point of any type recommended but may use any whatever type of pendulum you have. If you do not have a pendulum you can use a necklace with a pendant on it, that you wear frequently, as your pendulum.)

Step One: Sit comfortably, feet flat on the floor. Take several (at least 3) deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, holding the breath for a count of 7 at the top of the inhale and the bottom of the exhale. (I like to use the Little Death Breathing exercise, Luminous Energy Field Awareness Exercise and Opening Sacred Space Exercise from the Nine Rites of The Munay-Ki)

Step Two: Beginning at the Earth Star Chakra point between your feet, use the pendulum to determine if the Chakra is open and spinning in the correct direction or if it is in need of re-alignment. (My pendulum spins in a counterclockwise fashion for Chakras that are open and flowing in the correct direction for me. You determine what the sign for “Open and flowing in the correct direction” is for you and your pendulum.) Make a note of any that seem to be closed, not spinning, or in need of attention due to blocks or leaks in the energetic field.

Step Three: Using the selenite rod and again beginning at the Earth Star Chakra, begin combing the energy field, paying extra attention to clearing and cleansing any of your Chakras that may be out of alignment, leaking or stuck. Move all the way up the body to the Soul Star Chakra with the intention of clearing and cleansing anything that may be blocking, closing any leaks or just in general, mis-aligning each chakra point.

Step Four: Use the quartz crystal point and beginning again at the Earth Star Chakra, move the point in a clockwise circle for several moments or until you can sense the chakra is again spinning in the correct direction for you before moving on to the next chakra point. Continue all the way to the Soul Star Chakra. Remember to breathe while re-aligning each point. (Deep breath in, hold for a count of 7 and then release the breath slowly, again hold for a count of 7.)

Step Five: Again scan the chakra points for any further blocks, leaks or mis-alignments. If any point is still not flowing correctly, use the crystal as in Step Four. Do this until you sense that each Chakra is spinning correctly and aligned as is best for you.

Step Six: Finish with several deep breaths and by thanking your tools for their assistance. Drink at least 8oz of water. (I like to close with the Second Attention Exercise, Second Awareness Exercise and the Closing Sacred Space exercises from the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki and I will have a cup of herbal tea or a glass of gem water if I have it available.)

Please be aware that you may have some reactions to this re-alignment of your energy field. This is normal! You are releasing any toxins that your energy field may have built up. It is rare but in some cases, releasing has come in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, migraine headaches or other flu-like symptoms. For the next 24 hours, be extremely gentle with yourself. Move slowly, hydrate more often than usual to help your physical body flush out anything, rest whenever possible. If you have included any other cleansing methods such as smudging, do not shower or bathe for 24 hours. If after 24 to 48 hours you are still not feeling well, please see your physician.

Created by Reverend Dani Crinklaw Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved

Published by

Crystal Angel Guidance

Hello and welcome to the official website! I am delighted you have found me. Who am I? I thought long and hard about how to introduce myself to you and this is what I finally came up with: Dani Crinklaw is an intuitive, empathic human who spends most of her time reading tarot and oracle cards for her clients, working with crystals and angels also for clients but mostly because she loves them, nibbling extra sharp white cheddar cheese because it's delicious and she was probably a mouse in a past life, reading a good book in hard copy because nothing electronic has the same vibe, smelling white roses because life is short and white roses are just lovely, caring for her disabled partner because he forgets sometimes that he needs to take care of himself, or chilling out playing Everquest online because she can. Sometimes she makes dream catchers and when she gets a notion makes her own version of tar water, prosperity and sleep mists among other crafty things. Her favorite thing to do on any given day is nap.

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