Dear Friends, Followers, and Fans of Crystal Angel Guidance:

I hope your holiday season has been merry and bright despite 2020 trying to kick our behinds lol! Crystal Angel Guidance has been busy behind the scenes working to make our services and courses offered more streamline. The following is a list of changes made to our courses and services that we hope will answer any questions about what is offered here at Crystal Angel Guidance.

1.) Course changes:

            ~Tarot 101 is being combined with Tea and Tarot Thursday and beginning January 7th, 2021 is free to join on Zoom. Tea and Tarot Thursdays is a weekly on-going meet up via Zoom. Once we can meet in person again there will be a fee of $5 per week to help cover the costs associated with the Ascended Gifts, LLC- Wellness Center and keeping us in teas (coffee) and snacks. (Prior members please contact me regarding the fee.)

            ~Intermediate Tarot is a 12 week course that costs $300- Participants must have taken any version of CAG’s Tarot Basics prior to sign up for this course. This course is not available on Zoom or Discord at this time but all study materials will be posted on our Discord server. Participants should have their own deck, preferably a basic Rider-Waite in order to remain consistent with course materials. Discord server address is listed below.

            ~Crystal Basics is now a 3 hour 1 on 1 workshop. Participants receive 3 crystals and hand outs. Cost is $50. This workshop is being offered in person as well as via Zoom, however please note that if the Zoom option is chosen you will need to schedule a date/time to pick up your manual and crystals before the workshop. Curbside service is offered to help with this.

            ~Crystal Energy Practitioner course is currently limited to in-person only with all social distancing requirements in place and covers all materials in the Crystal Basics workshop, includes an additional 10 crystals, all supplies needed for in class participation and manual. Participants will be certified Crystal Energy Practitioner upon successful completion of all course materials. Course length 13 weeks, cost $300. Study materials will be posted in the Discord server and the link will be provided upon registration for the class.

            ~Angelic Energy Practitioner course is available via in-person or Zoom. Participants will receive a copy of “The Angel Journal by Dani Crinklaw” either in-person if taking the course in-person or will need to provide a mailing address so that a copy can be sent from amazon if participating via Zoom. Course length is 12 weeks and cost is $250. Study materials other than “The Angel Journal” will be posted to the Discord server. Link will be provided at time of registration.

            ~The Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki course name has changed to Spiritual Support Guide Certification and now includes materials from the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki course, Intermediate Tarot course, Crystal Energy Practitioner course, Angelic Energy Healer course, Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine Balance workshop, and much more. A full syllabus will be provided at time of sign up. Due to the intensive nature of this course it will only be offered in January and June and is 6 months in length. Cost is $1980 for the full course. Participants will receive certification as a Spiritual Support Guide in addition to all course materials and supplies.

            ~Wicca Basics is being integrated into a 6 month long Wicca Practitioner Course. This course will include all Wicca Basics materials and will now cover all Intermediate Wicca materials as well. This is a weekly course running from January to June. Participants receive Certificates of Completion for Wicca Basics and Intermediate Wicca upon successful completion of all course materials. Students will also be automatically enrolled in any workshops relating to Wicca subjects offered at Ascended Gifts, LLC as scheduling allows. Course cost is $600 and is only available as “In-Person” at this time.

2.) Course Times:

            Mondays                    6pm-9pm- Spiritual Support Guide Certification

            Tuesdays                    2pm-4pm- Angelic Energy Practitioner (via Zoom)

7pm-9pm- Make up sessions for any course or any other                                      workshops being offered at Ascended Gifts, LLC Wellness Center.

(Schedule make up session with Rev. Dani Crinklaw.                                      See Ascended Gifts, LLC website or Facebook page for                                           upcoming workshops.)

            Wednesdays               6pm-8pm- Intermediate Tarot

            Thursdays                  7pm-9pm- Tea and Tarot Thursdays

            Fridays                       7pm-9pm- Crystal Energy Practitioner

            Saturdays                   7pm-9pm- Wicca Practitioner

******All course times and dates are subject to change due to scheduling needs of both students and Rev. Dani Crinklaw as well as weather and acts of nature beyond human control. Where possible 24 hour notice will be provided regarding scheduling changes. No refunds are offered due to the spiritual nature of these courses. *******

3.) Services:

            Spiritual Support Rebalancing- Shamanic healing to assist clients on their healing journey, utilizing crystals, angels, sound, guided meditation and healing touch. For best results, 3 sessions a minimum of 2 weeks apart are recommended. Each session is 30 minutes, with the first session being at least 45 minutes due to intake paperwork. Cost is $85 per session.

            House Cleansing/Blessing- Home is energetically cleansed and blessed to remove stagnant or stale energies. $40 per hour. Limited to within a 25 mile radius from Ascended Gifts, LLC Wellness Center. Intake form must be on file before service is provided.    

            Tarot/Oracle/Pendulum Combo Readings- During “$30 Thursdays” readings are only $30 for 15 minutes or $60 for 30 minutes. First come, first served, walk ins are welcome and available from 12noon to 6pm. Combo Readings are also available by appointment throughout the week. Cost for readings by appointment is $45 for 15 minutes or $90 for 30 minutes.

            Personal Energy Clearing- Prayers of cleansing, healing and protection are offered while client is smudged with sage smoke.  Available 10am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. Cost is 10 minutes/$15.

******Due to the spiritual nature of the services offered no refunds are available at this time. ********

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Crystal Angel Guidance

Hello and welcome to the official website! I am delighted you have found me. Who am I? I thought long and hard about how to introduce myself to you and this is what I finally came up with: Dani Crinklaw is an intuitive, empathic human who spends most of her time reading tarot and oracle cards for her clients, working with crystals and angels also for clients but mostly because she loves them, nibbling extra sharp white cheddar cheese because it's delicious and she was probably a mouse in a past life, reading a good book in hard copy because nothing electronic has the same vibe, smelling white roses because life is short and white roses are just lovely, caring for her disabled partner because he forgets sometimes that he needs to take care of himself, or chilling out playing Everquest online because she can. Sometimes she makes dream catchers and when she gets a notion makes her own version of tar water, prosperity and sleep mists among other crafty things. Her favorite thing to do on any given day is nap.

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