Spiritual Support Rebalancing

What is Spiritual Support Rebalancing and how can it help YOU?

SSR is energy healing that combines several modalities such as Sound Healing, Angel Healing, Crystal Healing, Tarot and Oracle Card Reading and laying on of hands to help bring our energy body back into Divine alignment. The energy that surrounds us also permeates us and often times day to day living can feel like it knocks out of whack. By using the above pictured tools as well as by tapping into Divine Energy, a Spiritual Support Rebalancing can assist you in bringing your energy back in to your best vibration.

Spiritual Support Rebalancing consists of 3 one hour sessions during which Rev. Dani taps into your energy and spiritual guidance team to discover how best to help you and facilitates your own healing. Rev. Dani is only a facilitator and guide to your own healing and will happily refer you to the proper professionals should you need further care than what she can ethically and legally provide for you.

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Crystal Angel Guidance

Hello and welcome to the official website! I am delighted you have found me. Who am I? I thought long and hard about how to introduce myself to you and this is what I finally came up with: Dani Crinklaw is an intuitive, empathic human who spends most of her time reading tarot and oracle cards for her clients, working with crystals and angels also for clients but mostly because she loves them, nibbling extra sharp white cheddar cheese because it's delicious and she was probably a mouse in a past life, reading a good book in hard copy because nothing electronic has the same vibe, smelling white roses because life is short and white roses are just lovely, caring for her disabled partner because he forgets sometimes that he needs to take care of himself, or chilling out playing Everquest online because she can. Sometimes she makes dream catchers and when she gets a notion makes her own version of tar water, prosperity and sleep mists among other crafty things. Her favorite thing to do on any given day is nap.

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